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Phra Pathom Chedi, Nakorn Pathom_2.jpg


Place : Phra Pathom Chedi

Location : Rotfai Road, Nakhon Phrathom

Open Hour : 09:00 am. - 18:00 pm.

Descriptions : Known as the "holiest and first among chedis," Phra Pathom Chedi is the single most important attraction in this ancient enclave. At 118 meters, (127 meters including the terraces), it is the tallest Buddhist monument in the world, standing higher even than the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Burma. The great chedi stands on a circular terrace in the middle of a square park, surrounded by a latticework wall, with the main entrance on the north side. The bot, one of the buildings on the terrace, holds a Buddha made of clear quartzite and overlaid with lacquer and gold leaf. This Dvaravati-style figure shows the Buddha seated in the European pose, "the Buddha of the future."


Place : Phra Pathom Chedi Museum
Location : Khwa Phra Road, Nakhon Phrathom

Open Hours : 09:00 am. - 16:00 pm.

Descriptions : The old temple museum, containing Mon stucco and stone sculptures, is in the wiharn near the East entrance. The main building of the museum dates back to 1979 and is by the South steps. Here, you'll see stone tablets from Nakhon Pathom's earliest days, as well as coins, statues of Buddha, and everyday objects from Thailand's ancient past. There are also a number of stone and terra-cotta sculptures and a bas-relief of the Buddha preaching to his first disciples, as well as items showcasing Nakhon Pathom's history and development through the decades.

Phra Pathom Chedi Museum_1.jpg
Sanam Chan Palace_1.jpg


Place : Sanam Chandra Palace

Location : Ratchadamnoen Road, Nakhon Phrathom
Open Hours : 09:00 am. - 16:00 pm

Descriptions : In 1910, before he became king, Rama VI built the Sanam Chan Palace in the northwest of the town. The massive complex has some interesting buildings in a mixture of Thai and European styles. There are a number of ornate halls that were used as theaters and meeting rooms, as well as the Phiman Pathom Hall, where Rama VI is said to have seen a miraculous vision of Phra Pathom Chedi.


Rose Garden Thai Village_1.jpg


Place : Thai Village Rose Garden
Location : Phetkasem Road, Nakhon Phrathom

Open Hour : 10:00 am. - 18:00 pm.

Descriptions :  East and West meet here, where guests can enjoy the many Italian-style gardens in a uniquely Thai setting and relax after visiting some of the ancient sites of Nakhon Pathom. This massive green space of 55 acres is home to beautiful floral displays, as well as a handicraft market, a mini floating market, and an outdoor food court offering Thai specialties and snacks. Things to do here include attending cultural shows and ceremonies, such as traditional Thai folk dancing and muay Thai displays. Elephant shows and rides are also offered here–something to keep in mind if you don't approve of elephants in captivity.


Place : Jesada Technik Museum

Location : Nakhon Chaisi District, Nakhon Phrathom
Open Hours : 09:00 am. - 17:00 pm.

Descriptions : This massive collection of vintage cars and motorcycles belongs to a Thai businessman who in 2007 decided to set up his own museum. More than 500 vehicles now occupy a large hangar in Nakhon Pathom in an eclectic exhibit that features many unusual and even quirky examples of everyday transportation. The museum has a significant number of three-wheel cars that look very similar to modern-day tuk-tuks (Thai motorcycle taxis) but were created by well-known brands such as Lambretta and Daihatsu.

Jesada Technik Museum, Nakhon Phrathom_1.jpg
Wat Lam Phaya Floating Market, Nakhon Phrathom_1.jpg


Place : Wat Lam Phaya Floating Market
Location : Nakhon Phrathom
Open Hours : 08:00 am. - 17:00 pm.

Descriptions :  Located in front of the Lam Phaya temple, this floating market is less commercial than the ones you'll find in Bangkok. Rather than being an artificial set up to attract tourists, this is an authentic local market where people come to sell hand-made products, fruits, and even clothes. Many boat sellers also offer homemade food, including traditional dishes such as chicken Biryani and Thai vermicelli. The floating market also includes a small museum set in a teak building. 


Woodland Muangmai, Nakhon Phrathom_1.jpg


Place : Woodland Muangmai

Location : Nakhon Chai Si District, Nakhon Phrathom

Open Hours : 09:00 am. - 17:00 pm.

Description : It's hard to describe Woodland Muangmai, an art village meets fantasy land where several legends and stories known as "Tales of the Wood" are told through hand-sculpted wood. The carvings here are actually all unrelated and come from a private collection encompassing carvings that go as far back as 200 years–but they have been arranged and divided into zones that together tell a story. One of those places you have to see to believe, Woodland Muangmai offers a wonderful insight into Southeast Asian wooden craftsmanship.


Place : Klong Maha Sawat

Location : Klong Maha Sawat, Baan Sala Din, Nakhon Phrathom

Hours : -

Descriptions : One of the best things about travelling is getting to learn new things about different parts of the world. What could be more beautiful than experiencing a few hours in Ban Sala Din, one of the oldest communities along the Mahasawat canal. This is an awesome cultural trip. Take a boat tour through the canals where there are 7 different points to stop at from the Farmer School to Aunt Jaew House, and even tasting ancient Chinese noodles.

Khlong Mahasawat, Nakhon Pathom_1.jpg
Air Orchid Farm, Nakhon Phrathom_4.jpg


Place : Air Orchid Farm

Location : Naraphirom, Nakhon Phrathom

Open Hours : 07:00 am. - 17:00 pm.

Descriptions : Chatuchak Weekend Market, one of Bangkok's landmarks, is on almost every tourist list of must-do in Bangkok. This is probably one of the largest markets in the Worlds, supposedly organized maze covering 27 acres, containing around 15,000 shops. Clothing and fashion are as always the most prominent trade, closely followed by kitchen ware and cooking accessories. On each side of the main alleys are of course all the food, fruits, ice cream and drink vendors. Wander inside and you'll find antiques and home dedications, carpets and lights. One popular section named "creature shops is dedicated to pets and animals and youngsters are irresistibly attraceted by the cute puppies, kittens or rabbits, etc.

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