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Place : Koh Kood

Location : Trat Province

Open Hour : -

Descriptions : It is the last island in the eastern part of Thailand in Trat sea waters. And second largest after Koh Chang in Trat. Or the island's fourth largest ever. Koh Kood has a complete nature. It is surrounded by mountains. And the ridge of the stream, which is the source of streams, Koh Kood has many beautiful waterfalls.


Place : Koh Mak
Location : Trat Province

Open Hours : -

Descriptions : A large island between Koh Kood and Koh Chang. There are beautiful beaches, clear water, abundant coral. Suitable for snorkelling. Ko Mak is also full of coconut groves and rubber plantations.

Koh Mak_1.jpg
koh kham_1.jpg


Place : Koh Kham

Location : Trat Province
Open Hours : -

Descriptions : Small island with quiet atmosphere. Thank you. Only sound waves And the shade of trees. It takes about 3 hours to travel from Laem Ngob. Also on the east side of the island is a beautiful coral reef and is ideal for diving. 


Place : Koh Chang
Location : Trat Province

Open Hour : -

Descriptions : It is the third largest island after Phuket and Samui. Located in the eastern part of Thailand. High mountains are wind. It can travel throughout the year. Even the monsoon. The journey is quite safe with a large ferry which can carry both people and cars from Center Point Pier or Natural Bay Pier to the island. There are also jungle and waterfalls for adventurous travelers to get the ozone filled with lungs as well.

Koh Chang, Trat_2.jpg


Koh Kradad_1.jpg


Place : Koh Kradad
Location : Trat Province
Open Hours : -

Descriptions :  Koh Kradan can easily take a boat ride to admire the beauty of the sea. An island without mountains. Flat as a glamorous paper, one of the island is the cradle. There are tall trees and coconut trees. When looking out into the golden field, like a savanna. You may still be lucky. Meet the deer herd naturally.


Place : Baan Chuan Beach

Location : Trat Province.

Open Hours : -

Description : The beach is beautiful, not the beach on the island. Clear water to see the sand under the water easily. But it is far from the city out a bit. Before the Klong Yai district of Trat, there are villas and bungalows available.

Ban Chuen Beach_1.jpg
Black Sand Beach_1.jpg


Place : Black Sand Beach

Location : Trat Province
Open Hours : -

Descriptions : Amazing black beaches with only 5 in the world only! Do not go far abroad. Just visit Trat you can see the wonders of the world already. And what is more interesting than that. It is believed that. Black sand beaches can cure diseases. Just go to bed in black sand. Because of this, the villagers and tourists come to the beach more than before. The Black Sand Beach is located in the Laem Makham National Forest Reserve, Tambon Laem Ngob, Trat.


Place : Klong Chao Waterfall

Location : Trat Province
Open Hours : -

Descriptions : It is a must visit place to visit Koh Kood! There will be 3 streams all year round. The top layer will be stream. The ground floor is a stream from a large waterfall. It is very suitable for swimming. Klong Chao Waterfall is considered a historical waterfall. 

Klong Chao Waterfall, Trat_1.jpg
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